Big update incoming. Melee weapons (or props as they are called in the game) are now available to use in combat and with them come seven new melee-exclusive Actions.


Tomato Stake, Plastic Scythe, Slugger, Slapstick

Lunge, Hyper, Magnet, Rising Slash, Shield, Thrust, Reflect


LUNGE shoots your forward to close the distance quicker.
Lunge Action

HYPER cuts the recovery lag of a swing in half.
Hyper Action

MAGNET sucks the opponent towards you before swinging at them.
Magnet Action

RISING SLASH goes full anime and delivers a Smash Bros style uppercut. Press the attack button at the apex to deliver the final blow.
Rising Slash Action

SHIELD will protect your from attacks as long as you hold down the attack button. Letting it go will make you swing your weapon.
Shield Action

THRUST will stab the weapon forward giving you some extra range.
Thrust Action

And finally, REFLECT will hit projectiles away from you.
Reflect Action

Like those of their Ranged prop cousins these new Actions are stackable and create some interesting behaviors when combined with the Mode Socket and with each other.
melee combo gif

The Effects have also been updated adding “Confuse” and “Bind” to complete the set. Hitting an opponent with a projectile or melee prop armed with a “Confuse” Effect will temporarily randomize their inputs, making them virtually unable to control their character. The “Bind” effect prevents the victim from sprinting, jumping, switching props and attacking. They can still walk around however.


Another large (and much needed) change is the implementation of ingredient “charges.” For this first update, candies will only have 35 charges to use before they break. Shooting (or now swinging) your weapon will lower the charge by one. This makes it so your opponents can no longer abuse god-tier socket combinations indefinitely. You can check the percent of charges left by opening the crystal forge with your prop equipped. The ‘blackness’ of the socket icon will now appear to drain downwards as the charges are used up.

(Pardon the fuzziness, wordpress seems to derezz it automatically.)


The last one I’ll talk about in this post will be the inclusion of “The Grey Man,” a character template that people can use to create and submit their own characters to the game. I’ve temporarily added in a bunch of new characters made by my students. Eventually I’d like to get the public to submit their own characters and the ones accepted could be sold in game with the profits split with, and full copyright retained by the creators.


The next update will include the final prop type: Traps. These will be implements that you place down on the ground and wait for people to step on them. Players will of course be able to jump over them but I’ve got some stuff planned to counteract this as well 😉 It should be a really fun crowd control option. I’d also like to experiment with new movement and defensive options in the next update. Giving players more options to deal with incoming threats will hopefully improve the overall experience as well as deepening the strategy and making it more than just who can come up with the best socket combos first. See you in the next update, happy socketing!



-Added Melee props. With these new props come 7 new melee-exsclusive
actions: Lunge, Thrust, Reflect, Hyper, Magnet, Rising Slash and Shield.
-Props now stay connected to the character’s hand when they jump
-Added “The Grey Man” character template
-Added in a bunch of characters from the Gamedev Camp 2018
-Added “Yung Pumpk” costume from Ahnixware Pocket Brawler
-Changed “Big ‘n’ Slow” mode to “Cannon” mode
-Changed “Brrrrap” mode to “Burst” mode
-Changed “Rubber Band, man!” mode to “Charge” mode
-Added “Berserk” mode that let’s you fire as fast as you can click
or pull the trigger
-All prop Modes now work like they should.
-Added “Confuse”, “Bind” and “None” effects
-“Confuse” randomly rearanges the victim’s controls
-“Bind” prevents the victim from running, jumping, switching props, and attacking
-“None” effect is now what “Damage” was, and now “Damage” effect deals more damage per hit
-Kid gun runner can now sell melee props
-Candies now only last for 35 uses before they break. You can see how
much charge a candy has left by opening the forge and looking at the
socket icons. The black foreground of the icon will “drain” downwards
depending on how much the candy has been used.
-Jumping can dodge melee and unarmed attacks
-Added temporary invincibility on respawn for 2.5 seconds
-Made menu selector icon stay visible when moved
-Adjusted death sound to have a deeper “pop”
-Added PS3 Controller Support on PC

-Respawning without moving made you stay invincible indefinitely
-Landing on a jump would overshoot the bottom
-Dying while being healed caused a crash